Considering working for Jack Rabbits?

Jack Rabbits is more than just your average barbershop. It’s a place to grow and develop new skills.

To work for us, we want you to have a passion not only for gents’ hair but also for your customers and their journey.

We are all about customer service and customer experience.

We are always growing our company and looking for talented, energetic and FUN members of staff to join our teams.

Joining Jack Rabbits means you will be part of a team that values the customer above all.

We will educate you along the way.

We will support you in your personal career growth.

You will be able to get involved in exciting events.

We will give you the opportunity to work in amazing venues as well as on the shop floor.

If you have a bright and friendly personality, an excellent skill set and a desire for personal and professional growth, this is the job for you.


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