Jack Rabbits Brand Ambassador

Tom Dickinson

AG GBR Triathlete

What is a Triathlon…

…a triathlon is a multisport race with three continuous and sequential endurance races. The word is of Greek origin, from τρεῖς or treis and ἆθλος or athlos. While variations of the sport exist, the most common form includes swimming, cycling, and running over various distances.



Age: 22
Height: 178cm
Weight: 68kg (ish dependent on time of year!)
Hometown: York

Equipment -
Roka Maverick X
Bike: Orbea Orca Aero 2018
Bike Kit: Langdale Lightweights
Running Kit: Asics
Long Distance Shoe: GT-2000
Tempo Shoe: Dynaflyte
Race Shoe: HyperTri 3

Next Season Goal - Swim well enough to come out front bike pack consistently!
Winter Goal - Work on running strength with my coach.







Q&A with Tom -

JR. What made you want to take up Triathlon?
TD. “I have always been into sport, I started off swimming, and then began team sports such as; Rugby, Hockey and Cricket when I was younger. I was probably better at Hockey than any other sport. I made it to county level and was delighted to have achieved that! However, I also liked running and won the York Schools cross-country about 7 years ago now. All that was left to do was get a bike, and after watching the 2012 Olympics race in Hyde Park- I asked for a bike for Christmas.”

JR. Do you have a sporting role model?
“Yes, but it is difficult to pin just one role model. I would say I have 3 sporting people I look up to.

The first person I remember looking up to is Jonny Wilkinson. I met him at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst prior to the England team travelling out to the 2003 World Cup. I have district memories of drop kicking a ball to him after their training session.

Bradley Wiggins is the second person. I really like how laid back he is, or appears to be when interacting with the media and supporters. Obviously, there is a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes but on the face of it he produces results and looks good doing it!

The third person is my younger brother- Sam Dickinson. This is the simplest one to explain as he has achieved in this sport, and still looks to achieve more. This year he won the U23 European Aquathlon Championships and a Silver at U23 World Triathlon Championships. Watching his success shows me that it is achievable.”

JR. How do you balance University with Training?
“With some serious time-management! Sometimes it can get difficult saying no to things but, a ‘normal student life’ doesn’t feel like enough for me. I don’t want to aim for normal. I aim to do extraordinary things- such as race around the world, and when you look at it like that it makes the saying no to the occasional ‘spoons’ trip easier.”

JR. Have you been Injured?
“Yes, and currently I am returning from a stress fracture in my ankle. It happens in this sport as training sometimes as much as 28 hours p/w takes a toll on the body. However, with the facilities available to me at Solent University I can speed up the rehab process. Also, working closely with my coach, Steve Phillips, he ensures I don’t get carried away when coming back from injury.”

JR. Does your family get involved in Triathlon?
“Yes, other than Sam, as I said earlier. My Dad travels to every race he can for both my brother and me. For me it’s mostly national races, and for Sam it’s international. My mum also watches races and has twitter feeds and live streams of races sorted down to a ‘T’”