"Nutrition around work"

‘I don’t have time’ - The phrase I always hear when it comes to fuelling yourself with a balanced diet.

So there are 24hrs in the day. what’s your break down? Have a think about the time that is used, shall we say, ‘inefficiently’. Whether this is an evening or the morning, to find an extra 15-20mins to think about what is upcoming. 

If it’s the first thing in the morning that a tick in the box for the first task of the day. Start as you wish to continue. 

If it’s the final thing a night, you might find this is a good way of shutting down ready for bed. 

The overwhelming message here, it doesn’t matter when you prepare food but i can be used as a key structure point around your day. If you have these point dotted throughout the day, it’s may be you are likely to complete more throughout the 24 hours. 

What do you want to eat? Well thats completely down to you. There are plenty of Nutritionists out there to help guid you through the vortex. But, What to I do? Is it affecting my performance as an athlete? Is what I’m eating financially sustainable? Do I enjoy what I’m eating? Is the advice around nutrition evidence based? 

Just a few things to think about- Not all of us want to sit on a protein shake diet, or go on a juice cleanse. There are plenty of other ways to fuel yourself with the correct and enjoyable Nutrition.

Next time you’re in JRB, Have a chat and ask how your barber fuels there day??