"Opportunity - How Many?"

Why be an athlete? Why be a coach? The answer for me is simple. Opportunity. 

Lets start out with being an athlete- Last year I represent GBR in the age group word championships. This happened to be taking place across the other side of the world, Gold Coat, Australia! Travelling as one cohesive age group team enabled an experience like nothing else. 

The fact we were competing against each other did not matter until we were on the start line. The opportunity to spend the time abroad, with a group you would possibly never meet back in the UK, is something different. 

This brings me onto Coaching- a job! Well if it is a job it’s the best job going, Ok, maybe on par with Barbering, happy Dan? I am in the fortunate position of being able to support some of the best up and coming Triathletes on trips abroad. Time Splits in Estonia, providing warm kit in Rotterdam, and, my personal favourite, running down the main strip in Chicago with a brown paper bag full of bananas!

Again these are just a handful but all stem from the sport of Triathlon!

Watch this space for Barber Dan and I pushing limits??!