The rabbits tale.

Jack Rabbits Barbers began as a vision to create a lifestyle movement. Born to forge a revolution that travels much further than just providing a hip cut.

Founded by Nick Sweeten and Danny Silvestri, soulful free thinkers with a truthful sense of commitment. Jack Rabbits Barbers has quickly become a destination for people to escape the clamor of life and enter a world where the traditional values of the customer experience, respect and service still matter.


The Jack Rabbits Brand

The white rabbit represents our spiritual awakening: the Renaissance that leads us from tradition, into the modern world on a journey of discovery. He typifies the curious quest for knowledge and thirst for adventure that personifies the values behind the Jack Rabbits brand.


The Experience

From the moment you walk through the door you're hit with a dynamic vibe: a buzz of heartfelt emotion that resonates through the air.
Your eyes take in the eclectic décor; your nose, the rich smell of beard oils, hot towels and fine grade coffee.
Soulful rock and blues enter your ears, as we welcome you into our world.
There’s no rush, this is just the start of the journey.
Take a seat, and we’ll take care of the rest as our highly trained barbers talk you through the best hair services on offer.
You can now enjoy the Jack Rabbits experience at Winchester, Southampton and Botley, with more destinations due to open soon.


Our Barbers

Well, they're the artisans of the revolution — hand-picked from the most excellent Barbers in the region. They exist on the edge of the cultural mainstream preferring identity over conformity and they live for the craft: there’s a lot they know about being hip.

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Nick ‘The Chief’ Sweeten


Danny ‘Hollywood’ Silvestri